The Mos Eisley Zu is a Tatooine based criminal organization involved in murder, robbery, illegal arms distribution, extortion, and drug trafficking. This gang is commonly identified by the purple or blue tones most members choose to wear.


The Zu was founded by Darryl Jones and Tyrone Mason about 2 years after the (first) Empire took control of the galaxy. Amidst the chaos of reorganizing the Tatooine government many gangs, including The Zu, took control of the dusty planet for themselves. They set up a base of operations in District 139 of Tatooine (which is located in the heart of Mos Eisley) and this area still acts as a their head quarters to this day. Extortion was The Zu's original source of revenue, though they would eventually expand into illegal arms trafficking.


The Zu has spread into other Tatooine cities and townships; recruiting new members and absorbing other gangs. One notable recruit is ex-Nabooian Mafia member Dominick Soldono (whose birthplace was Mos Espa). With the aid of Soldono the gang has been able to expand into narcotics production and distribution.


Wars with rival gangs over territory and narcotics have left the Zu in quite a troublesome state. Members are either leaving or dying off and several of the Zu's allies have betrayed the group. It is up to the remaining members to pick up and rebuild the gang.

Common Slang Words & PhrasesEdit

  • Chips: n. credits; money
  • Holdin' It Down: v. to keep under control
  • Gats: n. firearms
  • Frontin': v. to lie; talk without actions to prove
  • Dome: n. one's head, skull
  • Rep: n. a reputation
  • Snuff: v. to injure
  • Roll On: v. go against; attack
  • Straight Up: adj. it's truthful; containing truth
  • Jake: n. law-enforcement officials; police
  • Trife: adj. describing something as not worth it


  • Darryl Jones (aka Zu Keeper) - Founder/Leader
  • Tyrone Mason (aka Loose Gun) - Founder/Leader
  • Clifford Nobles (aka King C)
  • Dominick Soldono (aka Big D)
  • Silas Wiggers (aka Homicide)
  • Toney Andalso (aka Knuckles)
  • Marcus Tyde (aka EmTee)
  • Tillab Kwanzu (aka Killah'Crip)
  • Pablo Derne (aka Hotshot)
  • Iris Torarl (aka Shroud)
  • Agron Raggo (nickname needed)

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