Jon Ford
Biographical information

Haruun Kal

Date of birth


Physical description

Human (Korun)




1.92 meters

Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

The New Jedi Order era, Praetorian era


The Jedi Order, The New Empire.


"He's responsible for our new world by killing the creator. Fires just finished the job."

- Dust Garul'th about Jon Ford

Jon Ford was a human Jedi Knight during and after the Praetorian wars. He was born on Haruun Kal, and taken early by the Jedi.

The Korun was known for quite remarkable power, but he never rose above the rank of Knight due to his excentric point of view and interpretation of the Jedi Code. This led to many enemies underestimating the Jedi, but they were all defeated.


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"I gave ya a second chance, and ya didn't use 't. I will NOT give you a third one."

- Jon Ford to Kradious

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Jon Ford was a great and powerful Jedi.

Personality and traitsEdit

"Yo' Sith-ass motherfucker!"

- Jon Ford to Lord Decious

Jon Ford was known for his quite anarchic interpretation of the Jedi. Over the years, he grew bitter and frustrated over the constant problem of fallen Jedi. He mentioned to his closest friends that he lost faith in the next generation of Jedi, and rarely trained Padawans himself. This frustration often led others to tell him to be aware of the dark side, but Jon merely shrugged these warnings off as 'pointless', as the Korun never saw any seduce in it. Indeed, he even began to call dark Jedi names and call the dark side the 'immature' side of the force.

Behind the scenesEdit

Jon Ford was and is always played by Samuel Leroy Jackson.