Dosha Confederate backgroundEdit

The Dosha Confederate is led by the Trandoshan tactical geniuses: Field Marshal Yesskor and General Tariq Zaruuk. However despite the Dosha Confederate being a relatively young government; it is one of the strongest military & naval powers in the Sumitra Sector. But set aside from the facts. The territories of the Dosha Confederate are now under the threat of Imperial invasion, especially after the recent collapse of the Galactic Alliance. The Doshen people determined, experienced, and honorable will not let the Confederate be taken without a fight.

Dosha Confederate membersEdit

The High Council of Trandosha

Generalissimo. Yesskor

High General. Tariq Zaruuk

Godfather. Don Zaruuk - Religious leader.

Dosha GuardEdit

Elite. Kypsk

Elite. Norrsk

Strategic Command of DoshaEdit

High Admiral. Novak

Navy of TrandoshaEdit

Ensign. Nask

Dosha Confederate ArmyEdit


General. Kepas

Lieutenant General. Tariq Horla

Colonel. Choocask





Commandos and AgentsEdit